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Welcome to
Reparenting your Adult Self


A 6-month private coaching journey where you… 


  • Learn how to give yourself what you didn't receive as a child. 

  • Release the grip of old identities and emotions.

  • Build empathy and compassion for all parts of yourself.

  • Gain the ability to resource yourself and stop relying on external sources of validation or worthiness.

My inspiration...


We are all born innately worthy. We enter this world unashamed to take up space and get our needs met.


Somewhere along our path, and often quite young, we take on the beliefs of our parents or culture. We adapt to our surroundings in order to stay safe and survive. We carry these adaptations into adulthood where they manifest as protective behaviors and identities that don’t actually serve us.


These protectors can make it challenging to feel worthy of love or be our authentic selves. We may feel trapped in cycles of unhealthy behavior patterns, stuck & hopeless in our situations, or anxious and afraid to tell the truth so we wear different masks and stay small. This way of living can feel exhausting! 


The truth is that you are none of these identities. Your essence is the calm, compassionate, curious, courageous, creative, confident, & connected Self.


All of these qualities are within you. You are not broken, I promise. :) With a safe space, support, and a few tools you can absolutely break free from those old patterns, reconnect with your inner truth, and ultimately learn how to reparent yourself

The Reparented Adult...


  • Knows how to meet their own needs, set boundaries, and speak kindly to themselves.

  • Bravely allows space to feel their feelings without shame.

  • Forgives themself of mistakes and coaches themself into action.

  • Takes courageous action and prioritizes time for rest and play.

  • Loves themself so deeply that no one can take that away or define their worthiness.

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest thing you can ever do.” 
- Melody Beatty

On this journey to reparenting your adult self you will get to know your inner landscape more intimately so that you may understand what parts of you get activated (& why), and integrate these into one system within you, guided by your higher self.

Together we will understand and befriend your:

Protective parts 

These may be ‘masks you wear’ or ‘roles you play’ such as: pleasing others, avoiding conflict, playing the victim, perfectionism, & judging/criticizing yourself.

Inner child

Your inner child holds the key to your essence and is also the hurt little one within you. When your inner child’s needs aren’t being met, you may be ‘acting out’ i.e. addictive behaviors, reactive outbursts, shut down, etc.

Higher Self / Intuition

The calm, compassionate, curious, courageous, creative, confident, & connected Self. The non-judgmental observer. The wisdom of the the body and the present moment. This is the place we learn to parent ourselves from.

“The more we can validate those tender parts inside of us,
the less we need the external validation.” 

What makes my approach unique?


I know from experience that awareness alone does not always shift our lives in the direction we are seeking. Our patterns are deeply embedded in our body, our nervous system, our responses, and stories. Coaching with me is done in a therapeutic container that looks back to the wisdom of the body. I blend somatic work, transformative breathwork, and meditative practices with intuitive coaching methods to help you create deep, sustainable reprogramming that you can feel in mind, body, and soul. 


With this approach you move beyond awareness so that you truly feel worthy, lovable, and trustworthy. You deeply believe and know your truth. You are no longer making decisions based off of others’ expectations. You no longer hide parts of yourself or stay buried in shame.

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“The space Nicole holds for me is different than any space I have experienced in years of being in therapy. It's very obvious to me that the special feeling that I experience in session with Nicole is that not only does she allow space for me, but she also holds space for my inner child, and therefore we are able to go to a very authentic and real place. If you are ready to do the work with someone who will hold that space…I would, and DO recommend Nicole Virtue to friends, family without hesitation!”

-Sophia Hendler 

Reparenting Your Adult Self

The investment: 


6 month commitment | $2700 (or $450/month) 



  • 1 initial 90 minute commitment planning call (includes breathwork and journey-planning)

  • 12x 60-min Coaching sessions on Zoom

  • Toolbox including: Intuitive Coaching, Somatic inquiry, Breathwork, Parts work/Family Systems, Meditation, Emotional release work & practices, Inner child exercises, Cognitive work (dissolving limiting beliefs), Self-acceptance, Self-Compassion. 

  • Personalized Journal prompts 

  • Unlimited email support between sessions 

  • Free access to group Breathwork workshops

  • Curated resources (podcasts, books, etc.) 

Sample of what we will focus on:


Month 1: Detaching from old identities, unpacking shame, & emotional release work.


Month 2: Naming, understanding, and redirecting your protector parts. 


Month 3: Inviting in & getting to know your inner child.


Month 4: Reconnecting with your intuitive self & wisdom of your body.


Month 5: Exploring inner coach vs inner critic, practice becoming your own fierce loving parent. 


Month 6: Establish habits, boundary setting, integration, and celebration. 

You’ll know this program is for you if: 


  • You are open, willing, curious to explore and try new methodologies.

  • You have awareness but nothing is shifting. 

  • You grew up with caregivers who may have been doing their best at the time but you still didn’t get your needs met. 

  • You took on a lot of responsibility at a young age.

  • You are repeating unhealthy patterns even though you “know better.” 

  • You are really hard on yourself. 

  • Your body may be stressed, anxious, or sending other signs that something is “off.”

  • You feel a “hell yes!” while reading this & are are committed to show up and do the work.

This program is not for you if:


You are looking for a quick fix.

You are looking for someone to tell you what to do.

You are not willing to bring a beginners mindset and curiosity.


“Nicole is an open, courageous, perceptive, and compassionate coach whose dedication to her own healing and growth is reflected in every session I have had with her. The freedom I felt to speak my truth without fear of judgment, and even the challenging questions I posed around a particular coaching method, were met with grace and curiosity rather than resistance or anger. This created the space for me to entertain new ideas and consider different beliefs. She embodies the key trait of being an effective coach: Living it to give it.

Thank you!” - Daneika Glenn

They asked her, "How do you know the healing is working?"


She answered, "When your mind is no longer governed by the past and you feel peace in situations where you used to feel tension. You more easily connect with joy and happily use boundaries to protect your well-being. The healing is real when your mind feels lighter and loving yourself becomes natural.”

Yung Pueblo | Progress

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