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When you are believing something painful, take a moment to pause. What are you thinking? What is happening in your body? Does your thought create ease or cause stress?

When we identify as our thought (i.e. “I am not good enough”) it often feels very painful and true. This can lead to ruminating and ongoing feelings of sadness.

Instead, it can be helpful to create some distance between you and your thought. Become the ‘witness' to the thought. Watch it come and go.

Steven Hayes, the founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers a simple tool that we can all practice to create distance from thoughts that cause us stress or suffering.

Let's use "I'm not good enough" as our example...

Start by adding the short phrase "I'm having the thought that...(insert thought)" and repeat this to yourself a few times.

Next, add "I notice I'm having the thought that...(I'm not good enough)” and repeat.

Notice how it feels to become separate from your thought. What happens in the body?

A thought is just a thought. It is not always true. When feeling upset, pause and notice… what am I thinking and believing right now?

Now ask yourself, what would I prefer to believe?

Experiment with trying a new thought on…one that may feel more peaceful.

We have the power to rewrite the narratives in our heads...

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