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There are myriad reasons we are not fully honest. Our truth may be uncomfortable for other people. We believe we will be rejected for who we really are. We contort ourselves and people-please in an effort to avoid rejection and judgement. We withhold information, create stories, and wear different masks around different people… (hello social media!)

It becomes an exhausting charade to keep up.

Most of us don’t enjoy feeling ‘uncomfortable’ emotions…i.e. scared, angry, sad, and ashamed. However, when we avoid these emotions at all costs (or stuff them deep down) we only become more disconnected from ourselves and others.

What would it feel like to be radically honest today?

Experiment with picking one thing that you would normally alter about yourself and instead, say the uncomfortable thing. Let the more difficult emotions wash over you and realize that those emotions are temporary. We can do hard things, as Glennon Doyle so wisely reminds us. After all, what doesn’t challenge you can never change you.

Our brains are wired to keep us ‘safe’ (keep us in the tribe!) so if this is brand new for you, practice your truth with people who are safe. Start small. Changing habits and creating new pathways in the brain takes time. Practice means practice. These are all steps toward freedom. When you liberate yourself, you open the door for others to do the same… 💝

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