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Emotions, when not expressed, can get trapped in the body and wreak havoc.

Suppressed emotional energy is linked to decreased immune function, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, muscle tension, sleep issues, high blood pressure, chronic illness, and more.

One side effect I often experienced was panic attacks. 😓

We often ‘cope’ with these conditions in various ways that can lead to more problems… cue alcohol & drug use, people pleasing, explosive anger, numbing out, etc.

Renowned addition & trauma expert Dr. Gabor Maté comments on the link between suppressed emotions in childhood and adult behavior:

“If our environment cannot support our gut feelings and our emotions, then the child, in order to ‘belong’ and ‘fit in’ will automatically, unwittingly and unconsciously, suppress their emotions and their connections to themselves, for the sake of staying connected to the nurturing environment, without which the child cannot survive. A lot of children are in this dilemma – ‘can I feel and express what I feel or do I have to suppress that in order to be acceptable, to be a good kid, to be a nice kid?’

Then we get into adulthood, and all of a sudden we say ‘I don’t know who I am’. Especially people in mid-life – they realise that they’ve been living lives that were not their own lives at all. They did it all because they got disconnected.”

✨ Having this understanding helps me understand that it is not our fault. It takes the shame away.

✨ Having awareness about what suppressed emotions can do to my body encourages me to seek out tools to release the tension and stuck energies.

✨ Breathwork has by far been the most effective tool for me. It’s not for everyone.

✨ I am trained & certified in a trauma-informed way so we move safely and slowly through this practice together.

✨ Breathwork benefits are literally the antidote to the effects of suppressed emotions:

🌬 Releases tension & emotion

🌬 Boosts immune function

🌬 Promotes healthy digestion

🌬 Helps process & release trauma

🌬 Increases autonomic flexibility

🌬 Stimulates neuroplastic processes

🌬 Helps integrate grief and loss

And more..

✨ Are you curious? Book a free Discovery Call!

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