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Virtual Breathwork Workshop

Sunday, March 12, 2023

4:00pm-5:15pm PST

FREE to attend! 


During this workshop, I will facilitate a breathwork journey with movement, music, and conscious connected breath patterns. 


Through breathwork you will move stuck, stagnant energy from your system and clear the way to meet the wise, loving, healthy parental figure that lives within you. 

Following the active breathwork, I will lead a guided meditation to explore the

8 qualities of Self energy:

Calmness, Creativity, Confidence, Compassion,

Courage, Curiosity, Clarity, & Connectedness

and help you feel each quality through the energy centers in the body. 

The Self is an expression of the goodness and beauty inside people, of the love they want to offer themselves and people who are important to them.

Sean Cuthbert

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