NOVEMBER 20, 2022

Virtual Workshop: 

Breathwork Journey & Meditation

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Date: Sunday Nov. 20th, 2022

Time: 4pm-5:30pm PST

Investment: $25


“Love is an action, a thing in motion. Therefore, it requires fuel.” - Cleo Wade 


Sometimes (…or most of the time…) we forget that this applies to ourselves first!


Love takes intention. Love takes action. And Self love is no different. 


How do we show love to ourselves? 


One way to explore this question is to start by carving out some space Just. For. You. 


Give yourself full permission to meet yourself exactly where you are at. 


Tired, resistant, annoyed, hopeful, excited, curious… wherever you are at is the perfect place to start. 


I find that giving the mind something to do for a while really helps us cut through the outside noise faster. 


The breath is one tool we can give the mind to play with. By focusing on a certain breath technique over a period of time, it allows us to unlock from those external voices and dive into the body. 


Once we are in the body, the breath can be medicine that helps the body release stuck energy and heal. 


After “doing the work” during the active portion of a breathwork session, we drop into a place of stillness. 

Here we can really Just. Be. 

Here we can hear ourselves.

Here we can notice where we may need to apply love. 

Perhaps it’s through a message we need to tell ourselves. 

Perhaps it’s through loving and soothing physical touch.

Perhaps it’s by witnessing our experience without labeling or judging it. 


This is Self love. 


When we practice this it becomes more familiar. More comfortable. 


Over time Self-love can be that familiar pathway in the brain instead of judgement, shame, comparison, etc. 


When our Love cup is full, we can overflow to others and give freely without exhaustion and burnout. 


Damn, doesn’t that sound nice? Join me for 90 minutes of Breathwork, meditation, and connection. 

About Breathwork: 

Breathwork is an active meditation that uses certain conscious breath techniques along with music and guided support. When we breathe intentionally we are able to transition out of our heads and into our bodies. The breath helps us move energy: unlocking repressed emotions and old tensions so these can come to the surface and be released, integrated and healed. During a Breathwork journey we can access expanded states of consciousness, making the experience a beautiful opportunity for creativity, clarity, and transformation. The journey is different each time, it can be activating, stimulating, relaxing, and liberating. 

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Healing is not becoming the best version of yourself, healing is letting the worst version of yourself be loved.

Kobe Campbell