Stop hiding, be seen



I partner with individuals to shift unhelpful patterns and build self-compassion so they can confidently move forward toward their desires. 

Together we co-create the results you want in a safe space where I listen deeply to your needs, ask powerful questions, and help you find your own answers. 


Hi! I'm Nicole. I am so glad you are here!

All people are welcome in this space and all parts of you are worthy to be loved and seen.

  • Do you struggle to find your purpose? 

  • Do you consistently put others' needs before your own?

  • Do you self-sabotage or criticize yourself? 

  • Do feelings of anxiety or shame keep you from taking action in your life?

When we feel stuck and are hiding parts of ourselves, we suffer greatly inside. 

Each of us deserves to fully embrace who we are and what we want.

I know from personal experience: Coaching has helped me shift unhelpful patterns, build confidence, and shine brightly. My practice is built with the very tools that I use on myself and I know they work. 

Together we will identify, question, explore, and break the patterns that keep you stuck so you may experience freedom from your limitations and step into the life you desire.  

Nothing lights me up more than witnessing a client grow into their fullest expression of themself!

. . . . .

Nicole has a BA in Psychology and is a Certified Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc. She is also ACC certified with the International Coaching Federation. Her coach training is based on cognitive and somatic-based practices including principles from The Work of Byron Katie, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Martha Beck's Body Compass, Dream Analysis, and Ideal Day techniques. She is also training as a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator with PAUSE Breathwork, to be certified in 2022.  



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“No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth.”

Martha Beck