Just as we all experience unique life circumstances, we all need support in different ways. Regardless of package, each coaching or breathwork session is 60 minutes long and tailored to each individual.

Within each session I meet you where you are and provide a safe space for you to share while I listen deeply and ask you powerful questions. We will explore tools that spark your curiosity such as thought-based exercises, breathwork, mind-body connection, and actionable steps to take outside of each session. 

Our partnership will always be client-led. 

You have every answer you need inside of yourself, I am here to support you in accessing your truth.

Focus It

Four sessions total, coaching and/or breathwork, to use within 3 months

Great if:

  • You have a specific goal or issue you’d like to address (e.g. launching a new business, having a difficult conversation with a loved one or coworker, quitting alcohol, or buying a house.) 

  • You would like some extra support during a transition (e.g. change in relationship status, moving cities, deaths or births, or starting school.)

  • You are feeling stuck in a certain area and are looking for clarity (e.g. challenges with decision making, repeating patterns in relationships, or numbing with food or other substances.)

Face It

Ongoing bi-weekly sessions to create lasting change (appx 2x per month)

Use sessions for Coaching or Breathwork

You are worth receiving all the benefits of this practice. Change is not always easy, but it is worth it! You’ll know you are ready for this package when you are willing to get a little uncomfortable and be open to the process.

Are you ready to get curious and commit to your growth?   

Together we will:

  • Uncover existing barriers that are blocking you from the life you desire (e.g. deeply rooted beliefs about self-worth, money, or love.) 

  • Create freedom from these barriers by practicing thought-based exercises (e.g. The Work of Byron Katie, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)   

  • Build a connection to your body and intuition by practicing tools such as the Body Compass and the Dream Analysis with the Body. 

  • Use these messages from your body to move toward change that is aligned with how you want to feel. 

  • Excavate stuck emotions, anxiety, and trauma from your body through meditative breathwork. 

  • Determine appropriate action steps to take outside of the session.

  • Plus you will receive ongoing support from me including email communication between sessions and recommended resources such as meditations, podcasts, articles, and books that will further boost your growth. 

Individual Session

Perfect for experienced clients who are seeking a refresh

Don't see what you are looking for?

Connect with me and we will determine the best fit for you at this time.

They asked her, "How do you know the healing is working?"

She answered, "When your mind is no longer governed by the past and you feel peace in situations where you used to feel tension. You more easily connect with joy and happily use boundaries to protect your well-being. The healing is real when your mind feels lighter and loving yourself becomes natural.”

Yung Pueblo | Progress